Frequently Asked Questions


How does our filter function work?

Search for all the factors you are looking for in a trainer. Think of brand, model, colour, material, length and price range. Once these are filled in, we will offer you several trainers. If the trainer for you is among them, you can place a request. You will receive a payment request of € 25.00 and the request will be sent directly to the organisation. In addition, you will receive an indication of the price of the trainer you have applied for on the same day. At this point, you can choose whether to proceed with the request or cancel it. If you proceed with the request, we will immediately start working to find the trainer for you. Once we have found the trainer for you, the €25.00 will be deducted from the sale amount and you will receive a new payment request. Once this is paid, the contract for the trainer is closed. It is therefore not already closed with a € 25.00 request. If you have paid the full purchase amount, you will receive your trainer as soon as possible.


How does our enquiry function work?

The request function is intended for trainers that you are looking for but cannot find on this or other websites. You have seen a pair of trainers, but really can't find them anywhere. We will then do everything we can to help you and find the trainer for you. Once the request has gone through, you will receive a payment request of €25.00 and you will be kept up to date with the developments we find around your trainer. Once the trainer is found, you will receive a payment request for the trainer, from which the €25.00 will be deducted.


How can you buy a product?

You can select a product of your choice. You then have 2 options: Add to cart and Buy directly. If you add a product to the shopping trolley, you can add several products and pay for them all at once. If you would like to pay for a product directly, you can select direct purchase and you will be redirected to the payment system.


What is the delivery time?

We try to get the trainers to you as quickly as possible. However, some trainers are more exclusive than others. We may therefore need a little longer to find the perfect trainer for you. If you want to have a trainer delivered quickly, be sure to check out our warehouse. These trainers are sure to arrive within 5 working days.


Exchange or return?

Would you like to exchange or return a trainer after purchase? You have 10 days to return your trainers. Within article 7 of the general terms and conditions, you will find a further explanation of what you need to comply with.


Are all trainers new?

Every trainer we offer is new. Should we come across a slightly worn trainer, we will indicate this and adjust the price accordingly. If you do not want this, we will of course continue to search until we have found your trainer.